Women In The Industry (and the secrets to their success)

Bring three female home furnishings executives together and you don’t know what they’ll say. Sarah Lyke, Dorian Stacy Sims and Caroline Hipple, on the industry, Jane Fonda and the B-word.

A Brave New World—Youth Furniture

The youth furniture industry—always a tough sell with many retailers—could use a much-needed boost these days. It’s been four months since Stanley announced it was ending its popular Young America youth brand. Less than two weeks later, La-Z-Boy officials... Read More

NGN Spotlight: El Dorado Furniture Family

Andres, Suen and Luis Capó are the latest family members leading El Dorado Furniture. They’re smart enough to rely on the experience of their fathers, but they’ve also got a few ideas of their own.

Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool Might Surprise You

Here’s a hint: It’s you. Now go spread the word. August 6, 2014— Alex Goldfayn thinks many businesses have it all wrong when it comes to marketing their company—that includes home furnishing retailers, too. “Marketing is not about collecting... Read More

Cash In On the Kids

August 5, 2014– According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are 74.3 million kids in the U.S.; that number is predicted to increase incrementally and in 15 years (2029) there will be 80.1 million. That’s a lot of beds, desks and dressers waiting to be... Read More

Standing Out From the Crowd

August 4, 2014— In the home furnishings industry, which includes my mattress store, marketing revolves around a handful of efforts. You start with the vendor-sponsored events on the major summer holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day),... Read More