When Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes—either by Mother Nature or by man—many small-business owners aren’t fortunate. Indeed, 25 percent of independent small businesses fail to re-open after a major disaster, according to the Tampa-based Institute for Business and Home... Read More

NGN Spotlight: Emily Severson

In search of a company with opportunity, flexibility, and a great community, Emily made herself at home at FurnitureDealer.Net. She brought her Communications and Management background from the University of Minnesota and smiley demeanor with hopes of... Read More

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

July 8, 2014 More than 500,000 startups are born each year in the United States. Impressed by that number? Don’t be. Half of those startups fail within their first year. Wait—it gets worse. Within the next four years, another 50 percent or more... Read More

A Partnership That Strengthens Our Industry

July 7, 2014 The purpose of a trade association is to bring together like-minded people so they can learn from each other, share ideas, make contacts and work toward a common goal. In the home furnishings industry two such associations are the American... Read More

Desert Connections: NAHFA Networking Conference Wrap Up

Many of his fellow North American Home Furnishings Association members are still raving about NAHFA’s annual conference, four days of information, inspiration and networking – not to mention a little golf and poker, too. Members had access to some of... Read More

Just How Attractive Are You?

July 6, 2014 Whether you’re like me and you sell mattresses, or you sell home furnishings, there are three different ways to sell. I like to call them Push, Pursuit and Attraction. Push is what happens in the fragrance department of a store. You are... Read More