What Makes Millennials Tick?

June 2015 — Millennials. What with their smartphones and their Candy Crush and their selfies—Look! Me at Disney! Me at the Grand Canyon! Me at the laundry mat!—and their job-hopping, and their 30-hour work weeks, and their disdain for brand loyalty while... Read More

In Texas, a Store’s Reputation Grows

June 2015 — Lone Star furniture shoppers flock to Burlap Horse to see—and buy—Melissa Haberstroh's inspirations.

Accessories Drive Traffic, Profits

June 2015 — Stores that offer more than just furniture position themselves as a one-stop convenience over big box companies.

Mattress Retailers Have Something to Shout About

June 2015 — If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a change taking place in retail mattress sales in the last few years and I believe we’re on the cutting edge of tremendous growth.

Connecting with Social Shoppers

June 2015 — Think about the last time you made a purchase. Whether it was a couch or a pair of pants, chances are you took time to research until you found what you wanted to buy. Maybe you browsed user reviews on the company’s website. Maybe you asked... Read More

Always Be Prepared

June 2015 — The casual approach doesn't cut it in the home furnishings industry. Every part of your business needs to be run with a purpose.